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I have a dream of more YouTube videos, better produced videos and more often. New content on all the latest nootropics and pre-made nootropic stacks are popping up all over the place. Are they any good?

The latest in neuroscience presented in plain language you can understand. So you know if you should make changes to your nootropic stack.

A private forum where only you get access and others in our community who respect our space and privacy. So you can talk about the issues you are dealing with. Or share with others in our group what has worked for you.

And some courses written for and aimed at specific cognitive issues. How to deal with those issues using nootropic supplements.

Sound good?

I think so. The thing is to do this it’ll take more people on my staff, more and better technology. And money.

Would you like to be a part of this? As an investor, you get the benefits of all this new stuff, and you get a financial return on your investment.

This is like a startup doing an IPO. But in this case, it’s called a Creator Public Offering, it’s fully regulated by the SEC.

You invest some money, get the benefits, and the potential return on your investment is 8% – 24% of each year revenue back to you. The percentage depends on how much money we raise.

This is potentially a better return than if it was sitting in your savings account. If things go like we think they will.

I’m excited about this and I hope you are too.

If you want to be part of this and get a cut of the proceeds, then please consider investing. Whatever you can afford.

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