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Personal Consultations

Dear neurohacking friend,

Ever wondered if you’re taking the best nootropic supplements for the issues you’re dealing with?

You’ve done your research, tried this and that, but you haven’t yet found that ‘sweet spot’ – the perfect nootropic stack for you.

A personal consultation with me could be your next best investment in yourself.

Spend just an hour with me and you could:

  • Save time instead of figuring this out on your own
  • Save money because you avoid trying the wrong supplements
  • Stay safe by avoiding interactions with your prescription meds
  • Feel more confident in your stack decisions
  • Peace-of-mind knowing someone’s got your back

You no longer need to feel like you’re on your own while trying to fix whatever issues you are dealing with.

Before our call I’ll ask you to send me:

  • current list of nootropic supplements
  • current list of medications
  • current health issues
  • goals for the call

I’ll do some research before we get on the call so you get the best advice I can offer.

Consultations are conducted by phone IF you are located in the Canada, USA or Mexico. And by Skype or Zoom if you are located outside of North America. All calls are audio-only so all you’ll need a good quality microphone or cellphone. I do not use video during consultations.

When you choose the 1 Hour Consultation with Nootropics Expert, I will offer my nootropic supplement recommendations based on my years of research and experience, dosage recommendations and timing during the day, I’ll explain why I am recommending that supplement, and I’ll suggest the brand of supplement you should buy. You should be prepared to take notes during our call.

NOTE: I will email you follow-up notes which include the nootropic supplements I recommended during our call, why I am recommending them, how much to take, and the brand I personally use and recommend.

Go to the link below for my calendar to check when I’m available. Schedule your consultation and we’ll talk soon.

1-hour Consultation with Nootropics Expert $225I will provide nootropic supplement suggestions, time of day you should be using the supplement,  a clear explanation on why I am recommending that supplement, and I’ll suggest a brand of supplement to buy. You will get a copy of my suggestions after our call.

Book your consultation today.  And let’s do this!

Warm regards,

David Tomen

Nootropics Expert
Head First
Secrets of the Optimized Brain

NOTE: This is for ‘personal consultations’ only. And NOT for business applications. For a business consultation please contact me directly here: Contact David


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