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Nootropics Saved My Life

David-Tomen author of Nootropics Expert
David Tomen

It all started when I was diagnosed with Adult ADD about 16 years ago.

Up to then I had no idea why I struggled with focus all my adult life.

I bought books on how to focus. And how to be a better executive. But I just didn’t get it. I thought it was a moral failing and I wasn’t good enough.

Until a psychiatrist told me I had Adult ADD and PTSD. He prescribed Ritalin. And for the first time in my adult life I could focus.

But two years later I grew tolerant to Ritalin and was about to panic because it was no longer working for me.

So I’m thinking, I finally found something that worked and now it doesn’t?

I was not going to accept that. So, I started researching how Ritalin worked. And found Ritalin was a dopamine reuptake inhibitor. If Ritalin didn’t work anymore, maybe I didn’t have enough dopamine in my brain?

Back to the research and I found I could supplement with L-Tyrosine to increase dopamine. I also found brain cell signaling was a problem with ADD. And that was dependent on acetylcholine.

More research and I learned that using CDP-Choline with ALCAR could increase acetylcholine.

I put together my first “nootropic stack” with L-Tyrosine, ALCAR and CDP-Choline. And Ritalin started working again.

And that was my introduction to “nootropics”. Although, I did not learn that word until several years later.

A few years after the ADD diagnosis I ended up in the ER. And was told I was hypothyroid. A full-page, two-column list of symptoms including brain fog and total memory loss.

I had trouble remembering dates and appointments, a failing business, and a crumbling marriage. I saw psychologists, doctors, endocrinologists, neuroscience specialists and therapists.

Two unrelated neurologists tested me for dementia, and early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. But it wasn’t that. The doctors admitted they didn’t know what was wrong and could not help me.

Once again, I was on my own. But was not about to give up. So, I started researching memory loss and how to get my memory back.

It took about 2 ½ years of experimenting with different supplements. But I finally got my life back and was healthy enough to get back to work.

Why I started Nootropics Expert

I started Nootropics Expert® in January 2016.

Because while trying to figure out how to get Ritalin working again. And then how to get my memory back. I could not find a book or a website that could help me.

But after a lot of agony and desperation, I finally found, and then read hundreds of clinical studies on PubMed.

First, I had to figure out how my brain worked. And then I had to hunt through another few hundred clinical studies to learn which supplements would work best to fix Ritalin tolerance, brain fog, chronic fatigue, and memory loss.

It took months of reading and learning to translate really complicated neuroscience into plain English. But I finally started to get the results I was looking for.

This stuff was hard!

It finally occurred to me that if I was having such a hard time trying to figure out how to use supplements to fix my own brain health issues – how was anyone else going to figure this stuff out?

That’s when I knew the world needed a one-stop resource like Nootropics Expert®.

One place where you can find the best nootropic supplements for autism, anxiety, ADHD, depression, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, OCD, PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury, memory loss, or any other brain health problem.

How Nootropics Expert can help you

It is my hope that you can easily find help here on Nootropics Expert® for whatever brain health problem that is making your life miserable.

Here you’ll find information on dozens and dozens of nootropic supplements. In a language that is easy to understand.

You’ll learn where each supplement comes from, how it works, the benefits you can expect, how much you should use and how often, possible side effects, and how to select from dozens of options – which one to buy.

Every single word on Nootropics Expert is written by me. It’s not an AI or a contract copywriter.

And everything is supported by peer-reviewed clinical studies. You will not find links to other websites or blogs.

Instead, you will find dozens of clickable links in each supplement review and article to supporting and relevant clinical studies. So you have the option of reading the same research I found and used to write my reviews and articles.

Now, please keep in mind I am not a doctor, nor have I played a doctor on TV. I’m just an ordinary guy with a bachelor’s in economics and finance.

But I am sharing what I have learned about the nootropic supplements that work for me. My hope is you’ll find what you need to help you.

Like hundreds of thousands of other people around the world and just like you who have found the information they needed here on Nootropics Expert®.

Nootropics will work for you too

If you’re dealing with ADD or ADHD. Or are not happy with your life because of brain fog, anxiety, fatigue and low energy, depression, OCD, PTSD, traumatic brain injury

What you find on Nootropics Expert may help you get your life back.

Explore the site and see what tips and supplements may work for you. I have my favorites, but every person is different.

These supplements work! I now have a thriving business, my relationship with my wife Larah is better than the day we married, we live in a beautiful house in South Florida, and life is good!

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It’s my hope that my research and experience can help you choose the right nootropic supplements — and get you thinking and working at the top of your game once again.



P.S. My thoughts and opinions are not meant as medical advice. Nor are they substitutes for medical advice. I am not a doctor or medical professional. Please consult with your doctor or medical advisor before starting any new supplement.

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