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October 8, 2019

Hello Mr Tomen. If there is a possibility i would love to hear your opinion. I recently read an aniracetam guide and learned some useful information. I have some questions about the use of nootropics.

First of all some info about me

I am 48 years old and perimenopause (rage, tears, no energy, brain fog, anxiety, no happiness) and (go) vegan. I work as a grief counselor. I describe my self as an introvert but I need to be with people as part of my work. (e.g workshops).

I often feel without energy, with memory issues and i experience brain fog. I have tried numerous supplements like T3 AND T4 for Hashimoto GABA + 5http + B1, B6, B1, iron, natural progesterone + inositol + lemon balm + st. johns, agnus castus, etc

I also found Ciltep that works for me (Better concentration, stamina, energy) BUT I found some info about aniracetam and I need to know if I can combine these two supplements and how to do that.

If you have any other ideas for me it would be great. If you feel that we need some personal contact please let me know.

Thank you very much for your time, Really looking forward to your feedback. I not only suffer from symptoms of perimenopause and hashimoto but my husband and my son as well and i feel extremely guity

    David Tomen
    October 8, 2019

    Nancy, it’s all part of life and no need to feel guilty. But I know exactly what you mean.

    Aniracetam is worth trying but needs to dosed correctly including using Alpha GPC or CDP-Choline to provide the acetylcholine this racetam affects. And it is fat-soluble so must be taken with a meal containing healthy fats or something like a tablespoon of unrefined coconut oil.

    I’ve personally helped quite a few women who were dealing with issues similar to yours. A personal consultation would likely be best but I’ll leave that up to you. More on that here: https://nootropicsexpert.com/personal-consultations/

      October 9, 2019

      Thank you very much Mr Tomen!

October 4, 2019

Hello David,
i would like to try Lithium Orotate in order to reduce several anxiety issues. For some years i take Beta Blockers (Bisoprolol 2.5 mg at lunchtime) to lower heart rate.
Is it safe to take the Lithium Orotate with this medication?


    David Tomen
    October 5, 2019

    Dennis the combination of Lithium with Bisoprolol may result in blood pressure lower than it’s supposed to be. Side effects potentially could include headache, dizziness, lightheadedness, fainting, and/or changes in pulse or heart rate.

    But this is for high dose Lithium and generally not the case for Lithium Orotate which only has 5 mg elemental lithium. As long as you don’t take any more than 1 – 2 tablets per day you should be OK. Just keep an eye on your blood pressure to be sure.

Harold Baker
September 22, 2019

Hello David,
Thank you so much for your helpful informative videos.
I am 72 years old and I have noticed a decline in short term memory. I began taking Piracetam, Coluracetam and Phenylpiracetam after watching some videos on your site. I cycle them in order to avoid tolerance. I just finished watching your video on Lithium Orotate, and it sounds like something that might help with my bouts of depression. But I am not sure how it might interact with the Racetams. Is it advisable to take both at the same time, or should I stop the racetams before trying the Lithium Orotate?

September 19, 2019

I purchased your new book, however, the page numbers do not match up with your advertisement page numbers. I am trying to find the specific recommendations in your advertisement but cant seem to figure out why the pages are different?

    David Tomen
    September 21, 2019

    Scott, I know and I don’t know how to fix it. Because I used the page numbers from one format of Head First when I wrote that sales letter. And those page numbers change depending on the format of book you are viewing. So I can redo them for one format but it wouldn’t be accurate for a different format or different size viewing screen.

    I can get this question once every 3 or 4 months. So I can going to re-visit this issue and see if there’s a way that I can make everyone happy. If I do I’ll send a email to all Head First owners and let you know.

      September 22, 2019

      Ok. Thank you.

September 19, 2019

Hi David,
I have a couple of questions:

1. Is it safe to use 250mg of phenibut once a week for long term (a year or more) without building up a tolerance and experiencing withdrawal?
2. I am considering using Kratom for insomnia, but I would like to approach with caution as I know this is a powerful nootropic. Would I build up a tolerance if I take kratom (enough for sleep. Maybe 5-8 grams) twice a week for long term?
3. I know you don’t recommend 5htp alone, but do you think a combo with l-tyrosine at a 1:10 ratio would be safe for long term?

Just to give you some background info: I am 34, 5′ 5″, 145 pounds with a tendency for situational anxiety and mild depression. The biggest factor in my mental health though is insomnia. I am assuming my body type might play a role in kratom and phenibut use.

Thank you,


    David Tomen
    September 21, 2019

    Joe, let’s do this in order:

    1. All I can do is caution you strongly about the dangers of Phenibut especially if there is even a hint of addiction tendencies. I cannot honestly tell you if you’ll build a tolerance to once weekly Phenibut dosage. I suppose the only thing you can to is try. But if you find that 250 mg once per week no longer works for you, what will you do? If your answer is to increase the dosage then I’d drop it like hot iron. It’s not worth the risk.

    2. The right strain of Kratom works well for insomnia. But tolerance is an issue. It’s longer to build a tolerance to Kratom than something like Phenibut. But at least it’s not dangerous as long as you are using pure Kratom. And it has not been tampered with.

    3. I’d forget about ‘ratios’ if I were you. And instead of using 5-HTP to create melatonin in your brain use something like Tart Cherry Juice. It’s a natural source of low dose melatonin. You won’t build a tolerance. And it works.

    For sleep I’d suggest; 6 – 8 oz. tart cherry juice from concentrate (no mixed juices!), 500 mg L-Tyrosine, 750 mg GABA, and 500 mg magnesium chelate.

September 18, 2019

It would be nice if you could make a list of “natural” and/or safe alternatives to NSAIDs which are known to cause heart attacks. Pain management is a sort of NOOTROPIC in my opinion cause it positively influences the mood and the brain.

    David Tomen
    September 18, 2019

    Dave, pain is managed in the brain and I think this is a great idea. I’ll put it my list of things to write this year.

Marcus Aurelius
August 31, 2019

Hi Dave…sorry for taking your time, and thanks for the great job and information provided on your website!!
I built my own nootropic stack, and would be so thankful to see your comments about it, if I’m messing up with something, etc, because here in Brazil we don’t have experts on this field yet
My stack is as follows:
– Escitalopram 5mg
– Piracetam 1600mg/day: 800mg morning/ 400mg at lunch/ 400mg at 18pm
-180mg EPA/ 120mg DHA
– Multivitamin
– Rhodiola Rosea: 200mg
– Bacopa Monnieri:200mg
– Gingko Biloba: 120mg
– Coenzyme Q10: 100mg
– 5HTP: 50mg
– L Tyrosine: 300mg
– Choline Bitartrate: 300mg
– Huperzine A: 100mcg
– Phosphatidylserine: 100mg

-Melatonin 1mg at night

Plus coffee and natural tobacco smoking during the day

I do all this religiously everyday without cycling…do you think I’m on the safe side doing this?
I recent switched from modafinil to piracetam, because modafinil was a little overwhelming my brain and I think its just overhyped, with consistent usage actually impairs memory…so far great results with piracetam, a lot better and safer than modafinil…

Any adjusts should be made on the stack above or its nice?
Best wishes; thank you very much for your attention

    David Tomen
    September 1, 2019

    Marcus, your stack is OK. But I suggest checking each individual nootropic for dosage recommendations. You can scroll through and click each link here: https://nootropicsexpert.com/nootropics-list/.

    You’ll find suggestions like increasing your choline dosage while using Piracetam. And I suggest using a better choline supplement like Alpha GPC or CDP-Choline. And you’ll also notice that Huperzine-A has a 24 hour half-life. So should only be used every 2nd or 3rd day. And your brain needs 1,000 mg DHA per day.

      Marcus Aurelius
      September 8, 2019

      Thank you very much for your reply and advice Dave…unfortunately I’m still a student and Alpha GPC or CDP Choline are way too expensive yet in my country and I dont have enough budget to afford it…gonna add some boiled eggs to my diet to cover a little more choline…but until now piracetam didnt caused any side effects to me indicating choline deficiency like headache, etc..is it normal? By the way I take Nootropil from UCB Pharma..Thanks again

        David Tomen
        September 9, 2019

        If you’re getting all the benefit from Piracetam and using it as you are then keep on doing it. One less expensive choline supplement option is using choline bitartrate or choline citrate. You just need to use a lot more of it.

        September 9, 2019

        Dave, combined with my stack described above piracetam is giving me great mental clarity, mood, energy and motivation boost, facilitates learning and memory (kind of photographic memory)..after 15 days of continuous dosing i have noticed long lost memories like 10 years back ago flushing again so vivid in my head…but at night i’m getting terrible insomnia like my brain just doesnt shut off and i dont merge into a profound sleep… should I take it twice a day like 800mg morning and 800mg afternoon instead of dosing it at 800mg 7 am, 400mg 12am, and 400mg 18pm?

        David Tomen
        September 9, 2019

        Marcus, if it’s interrupting your sleep I’d not do anything past 4 PM. If that still doesn’t help then nothing past noon.

      September 15, 2019

      Thank you very much for your altruism and sharing your knowledge about this beautiful world of nootropics Dave…please if you don’t mind, one last question: is there a need to cycle the nootropic stacks described above? I pretend to take it consistently everyday until the last day in my life…do you too? Haha love you man, sorry again for too much questions…God bless you!! And keep this awesome informative job going..thanks!!

        David Tomen
        September 16, 2019

        Marcus, the the majority of nootropics on my entire list of nootropics do not need to be “cycled” if you are using them at recommended dosages. And especially within those parameters, the dosages that are right for you.

Shivansh Batra
August 27, 2019

Hello David,

I hope you are doing fine. Since last two months, I’m following you on YouTube and learnt a lot from your experiences. I do have a query on an issue. Last year, after working for long hours continuously for weeks in office, I don’t have any energy left in me (mental task, everything on computer). I don’t have then motivation left to do the job (mind saturated) because I don’t have mental energy and when I think about work to be done at office then comes too much work-stress due to it’s difficult to fall asleep.
Therefore, last year I started just with Krill oil which helps me, and I have energy and mind doesn’t get saturated like before and I was efficient. Since, taking krill oil endanger these species, I tried to shift on Algae oil for omega 3. After learning much from you, I started with Cdp choline with omega 3 and b12. First days, I notice the effects of cdp-choline (250mg). I can enjoy it, I was productive. But after 10 days, I develop tolerance to it, and I don’t feel any effect. Then, I bought uridine monophosphate (150mg) and B-complex to enlarge my stack but still the same, I can’t feel anything. Then, I bought ALCAR (500mg), it was too good, I can feel such energy. My brain was like floating but after 2-3 times of use, I don’t feel anything. I was taking all these supplements with 1 tablespoon of olive oil, every morning empty stomach. Then, I thought to buy Ubiquinol(100mg) + PQQ (10mg) + Shilajit (100mg) but I don’t notice anything. Only when I bought MCT oil, I can feel again the mental energy and I found it is potent for me.
I wanted to ask, why I am building so fast tolerance even I take gap of 1 week but now I don’t notice anything except MCT oil.
What do you recommend me?

    David Tomen
    August 27, 2019

    Shivansh, it just sounds like your body is depleted of what it requires to work. With this type of reaction, or lack of benefit you have a lot of work and repair to do. A good place to start is with this but doing it every day for a few months and see how you feel. And not expect to turn things around overnight. Or even in a couple of days.

    If you have read my story you know that about 6 years ago I felt like dying I felt so bad. It took me 2 1/2 years of dedicated, consistent work before I felt good again.

    Go to this Menu link and scroll through the posts. https://nootropicsexpert.com/category/guides/ Find something that resonates with you and start doing it. Every single day until it works.

      Shivansh Batra
      August 28, 2019

      Thank you so much for fantastic replying and understanding the issue. I was thinking to stop using it as they are not helping me. I thought, if acetylcholine level in my brain is high then cdp-choline will not help me and I should concentrate myself to optimize my dopamine level.
      (Yes, I know cdp-choline also helps dopamine too, maybe NALT will be better choice for Dopamine, anyways it is just an example)
      You changed my thinking on that.
      Alright, I will go one by one through all your posts and try to find what suits me.
      I think you might also have some suggestion, which nootropics should i use based on your several years of experience, can you suggest me one or two for now.

      Yes, I have never been through your life story. I just know about it, little from your videos in which you dicussed it shortly. I will read about it.

      Thanks again, David

        David Tomen
        August 28, 2019

        Shivansh, I cannot honestly suggest one or two nootropics without knowing much, much more. And why I suggested you do some research by reading through some of my posts.

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