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January 25, 2018

Thanks for your very informative video on velvet bean.

For the initial dosage I believe you said 250 to 300 mg per day. Is that 250-300mg of l-dopa as a percentage from the Mucuna supplement?


    David Tomen
    January 26, 2018

    Tim, recommended dosage of “L-DOPA” from Mucuna Pruriens (Velvet Bean) is 250 – 500 mg per day. So we don’t get confused … it does not matter what the extract percentage is. The end result is a certain amount of pure L-DOPA. That is what we are basing our dosage on.

    For example, NOW Foods sells “Dopa Mucuna” which is 800 mg of Mucuna Extract resulting in 120 mg L-DOPA for two capsules according to their label. So meeting the low end of our dosage requirements with NOW Foods product would be 4 capsules per day (120 mg X 2 = 240 mg).

      January 27, 2018


      I’ve been taking Mucuna for about six months. I’m at 333mg Mucuna @15% L-dopa twice a day for a total of 100mg L-dopa per day merely as a supplement for exercise performance.

      Would cycling this lower amt of L-dopa be prudent? If yes what type of cycling protocol would you recommend?

      Thanks again for your prompt response to my previous query.

        David Tomen
        January 27, 2018

        Tim, at that low a dose it is unlikely that you’ll experience any kind of tolerance so cycling would be optional. But if you are experiencing the benefit of L-DOPA at that dose … then to get the full experience I recommend using it for 5 days and taking 2 days off.

January 15, 2018

Hello David, I would like to ask your opinion on the product Qualia.

    David Tomen
    January 16, 2018

    Jalene, I do not have an opinion on Qualia yet. But will be doing a review of their stack sometime later this year. If you’ve subscribed to my email list you will get notified when that review is published.

January 14, 2018

Hi Mike. Thank you so much for this invaluable site. I started with nootropics a year ago with Neuro1 which I acquired a large volume of from a liquidator for next to nothing. My supply has run out, and rather than pay the price premium for that product, I decided to get serious about my nootropics and roll my own. Below is the list of supplements I’m using with dosages, taken TWICE daily unless otherwise stated. I would appreciate your feedback on this “mega stack”, as I’m not sure if I’ve gone a bit overboard and if some of these dosages should be scaled back due to the amount of overlapping ingredients, or if there’s anything else I should consider adding to the mix (looking for improvement across the board with memory, cognition/focus/awareness, motivation, mental/emotional wellbeing, etc).

Aniracetam – 750mg (morning only)
Noopept – 20mg (afternoon only)
Alpha GPC – 300mg
Sulbutiamine – 500mg (morning only)
NALT – 400mg
NAC – 600mg
L-Theanine – 250mg
Caffeine – 200mg
Vinpocetine – 10mg
Rhodiola Rosea – 75mg
Acetyl L-Carnitine – 350mg
L-Carnosine – 250mg
CoQ10 – 100mg
PQQ – 10mg
Curcumin – 500mg
Piperine – 10mg
DHA – 500mg
Vitamin D3 – 1000IU
B Complex
Creatine – 2.5g
BCAA – 2g
L-Glutamine – 2g
Taurine – 1g

Prior to workouts, I also add the following:
L-Citruline DL-Malate – 6g
Beta Alanine – 3.2g
Betaine Anhydrous – 1.5g pre and another 1.5g post

Most of this stuff was bulk powder rather than capsules, and to get it down I heat 1Tbs of extra virgin coconut oil in the microwave till it liquifies, then mix in the powder and down the shot. Don’t taste anything but coconut.

I had planned to add R-ALA, but the batch I received had polymerized into a plasticy mess, and I opted not to put it into my body.

Also considering adding NADH 5mg and extra zinc 15mg and copper 1mg to the mix.

Lastly, I’m considering Unifiram once a week.

Any guidance or warnings regarding this stack would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

    David Tomen
    January 14, 2018

    Chris, your stack looks a lot like mine although I use higher doses of some including Aniracetam, Alpha GPC, Sulbutiamine, NALT, NAC and ALCAR. Try using Vinpocetine 2 or 3-times per day. Increase DHA to 1,000 mg. Increase Vitamin D3 to a least 2,000 IU. And make sure your B-Complex is using folate (NOT folic acid) and methylcobalamin (NOT cyanocabalamin).

    NADH, zinc and copper are good idea. But use 2 mg of copper. And not sure why you would want to go with Unifiram. There are at least 6 other racetams with a lot more human clinical studies backing up their use. You can try it but don’t be surprised if you get a negative reaction.

      January 15, 2018

      Thank you David.
      It’s reassuring that you don’t see any potentially excessive dosages in this stack given the synergy of some of the components, but just to make sure that we’re on the same page, are you accounting for the fact that this stack is being used twice a day, so the daily dosages are double the amounts listed above?

      BTW, I should also probably mention that I have a hypoactive thyroid and take 125mcg of levothyroxine every morning, in case that has any bearing on the matter. I’ve considered supplementing with Iodoral to see if this would help with that condition. Not sure if it’s in the realm of possibility, but I’d love to someday reverse the hypothyroidism and get off the levothyroxine.

      With regards to Unifiram, all of the accounts I’ve read about it in forums from those that have tried it look positive, and it seems to help produce the flow-like state of mind that I’m looking to achieve. Has your experience been different?

      Thanks again for your input.

        David Tomen
        January 15, 2018

        Chris, I did not notice the “twice a day” part of your comment. My apologies. I’m hypothyroid as well and use NP Thyroid 4-times per day. My body will not convert synthetic T4 to T3 and the other bits my body can use. You must be one of the lucky ones where levothyroxine works for you. You likely should be using iodine and selenium as well as they are required to synthesize your thyroid hormones. BTW, being hypo absolutely affects nearly everything in your body. Including your brain.

barry Tegeler
January 13, 2018

I really am grateful for the immense amount of effort that you gone to in organizing all of the information in one place. I have been studying it for a couple of weeks with great relish. I am a 71 year old man who has been interested in these areas of supplementation for the last 20 years. I have recently been looking for more information on pregnenolone without too much success and was wondering if you have explored this substance. I am also wondering if you have a recommend stack with spiritual clarity and focus as a goal?

Barry Tegeler

    David Tomen
    January 14, 2018

    Barry, I’ve not done much research on pregnenolone but plan on writing a post this year on hormones and cognitive function. I personally use progesterone on the advice of my doctor. Along with DHEA and a stack called Prime Male (primemale.com) to increase testosterone.

    Your question about a stack for “spiritual clarity” is interesting and something I hadn’t considered writing about. But it may now go on my list. The thing is: spiritual clarity can mean different things to different people. If what you mean is more akin to “focus” while meditating you can check out my stack for Adult ADD here > https://nootropicsexpert.com/best-nootropics-for-adhd-add/.

    I’ve also been using Holosync daily for about 3 years which is like meditation on steroids. My experience has been the nootropics I use along with an hour of meditation every morning (using Holosync) has done more for spiritual clarity and “awareness” than anything I’ve ever tried.

    February 4, 2018

    Hi David,
    I agree, have learned the most from your site, grateful for the immense amount of knowledge you’ve taken the time to share.

    I’m 8 weeks in trying to save myself, wish had addressed sooner.

    My story begins with a mercury toxicity test result of 47.0, removed 12 amalgams using a bio dentist. Dr. Andrew Cutler’s protocol for mercury removal from the body supposedly best way to remove all stores (pm grinder) but unable to begin the process as of yet. Ended up with acute pain and perscribed high dose opiates for a decade. Currently off Fentanyl 15 weeks, replaced by monthly buphronephrine injections, as part of a clinical trial.
    Is working wonders, no pain.

    However, the past 3 years my cognitive dysfunction has declined to the point of losing my business, my home, am in financial ruin.

    Ritalin does help a great deal but I can’t find the right Dr. to help. My Neurologist was writing for me but when switched from Adderall (due to Teva mess) to Ritalin which lasts half the time of Adderall, Dr refused to increase dose to 20 mg IR 3 X’s day. I do prefer this med as I do believe am hypothyroid as well, but my lack of focus, thick fog & 0 motivation is so bad that 2 per day a tease, a joke.

    I’m in your area, can you please recommend a Dr that truly understands ADD? Today spoke with clinician at Henderson, she insists must remove all pain meds & begin taking antidepressants!
    That this will cure me of my cognitive issues! I’ve been perscribed A-D drugs prior, makes worse. I KNOW being in acute pain again will not help at all.
    They will not perscribe Ritalin – a mental health care facility, what a joke! I’m 58 and very ill, have proof, I need help.
    I’ve been using most all items you’ve suggested, waiting for a few more to arrive. I’ve tweaked here and there, & am noticing a difference but it’s still SO tough to get motivated. I was never like this in 2000 when began my business, but now, it’s barely standing. I’m solo, no one to turn to for help. I believe thanks to all you’ve shared I’m heading in the right direction. But without Ritalin in my stack, know I can’t move forward. Thanks again David for your time & efforts!

      David Tomen
      February 4, 2018

      Debbie, it is difficult for me to recommend any particular doctor who specializes in ADD. I was fortunate that once I was diagnosed 10 years ago and started on Ritalin I was able to switch docs as needed. And simply told the next one this is what I’m using successfully and please prescribe it.

      I have no idea what would happen if I walked in cold to a doctor’s office having been off of the meds for awhile and trying to convince them to start prescribing again. Try subscribing to this mag and see if you can get someone to point you in the right direction: https://www.additudemag.com/

      While I am truly Adult ADD, I did successfully go off of Ritalin for one year following the protocol I describe in my post on ADHD/ADD. Without a doubt I know it was using Mind Lab Pro as my base and building from there I was able to pull that off. I build Nootropics Expert while using Mind Lab Pro.

      I avoid antidepressants like the plague. They will absolutely make your situation worse. While I believe prescription antidepressants may have their place for a fortunate few, most will have better luck using the right nootropic supplements.

      Please get your thyroid levels checked out too. This area of healthcare needs to be managed by you because I have not yet met an endocrinologist who gets it. Spend some time reading https://stopthethyroidmadness.com/. Then find a naturopath or functional medicine doc who will work with to order the right labs. But use the thyroid site to learn how to read the labs yourself.

      It sounds like you are on the right track. It took me 3 solid years of experimenting and healing before I was functional again. And if you haven’t already you may want to get a copy of my new book Head First. The first couple of chapters will encourage you to continue what you are doing. And the rest of the book will help you focus on each of the issues you are dealing with. It’s also the kind of book you can confidently share with whatever doctor you end up working with to support some the things you will be asking for help on.

December 15, 2017

Hey David, I’m brand new to the world of Nootropics. (Excellent site by the way)

I’ve been battling Depression and Social Anxiety for quite some time now. I’m considering starting out with L-tryptophan and L-theanine along side a B-6 with Magnesium supplement…Will probably add more stuff eventually.

I want the Full benefit of everything that I’m taking…I would love to stack them, But would hate for one to Cancel out the other.

From your experience, Should I take them at the same time or would they work better taken separately through out the day?


December 11, 2017

Hi! Why are you so generous with your time and knowledge? TY!

1) I notice you do not have a general index for your sight. If you would like, I will compile and type one for you.
2) Otherwise, if you send me your address, I’ll send you something nice from Connecticut!
3) Any suggestions for: Arthritis, Smoking Cessation, and/or Low Libido?
4) Do you have a list of recommended suppliers?
5) Somewhere, I saw a recommendation for a universal type stack of N’s. Where is that, please?

Twist & Shout!

    David Tomen
    December 11, 2017

    Helen, nootropics literally saved my life not too long ago. Nootropics Expert is my way of giving back and hopefully help someone else turn their life around.

    This site is a constant work in progress and I have some web-design geniuses working on a site update for early 2018. An index of some kind may be the answer. For now however, to search the hundreds of pages here on NootropicsExpert.com please use the search box top right. There you’ll find suggestions for osteoarthritis, addiction and libido.

    I’m working on a list of recommended suppliers which should also be published sometime early 2018.

    And the universal nootropic stack I’ve been using for the last 2 years is reviewed here > https://nootropicsexpert.com/mind-lab-pro-review/

      January 2, 2018

      Whew, $75 for a 15-day supply of Mind Lab Pro, David? Is that price justified? Altho I am complaining gingerly because my mood is definitely on the upswing. NTL, do you really think it would be more expensive to buy the ingredients separately?
      Wishing you & yours a wonder-filled New Year, and thanks again for your generosity of spirit…

      p.s. I WAS so ADHD-rattled that I didn’t note the search box!

        David Tomen
        January 2, 2018

        Helen, Mind Lab Pro is a 30-day supply and not 15. And the price for a single bottle is $65. Unless of course you get the discounted 3-month supply. I’ve priced the ingredients and compared it to putting this pre-formulated stack together with individual ingredients. And any which way I’ve done the calculation, Mind Lab Pro is good value. Your are most welcome to try buying the same quality ingredients individually if you think it’s better value.

December 8, 2017

Terrific website and information. I’m adult ADD as well and have been on Concerta 27 mg for over six years. It was huge to start with, however, now I don’t “feel right” and want to get off meds and go the way of nootropics. Your insight and research are inspiring and appreciated.

November 1, 2017

Hi, first off, GREAT information here. I have 4 questions.

1st is for my son who is 15 and 150 lbs. he has PTSD from abuse from his father. He struggles with anxiety and mild depression as well as social anxiety. I have him talking the Calm Now blend off Amazon as well as a raw organic multi B vitamin blend and ashwaganda.

For my husband, he struggles with mild ADD – undiagnosed, but he has a short attention span and has headaches.

Third is my friend – she was diagnosed with bipolar and ADD. She takes pharmaceuticals, but would like to get away from them. She gets low mood and has trouble focusing / keeping her attention.

For myself, I am 39, and I use to have a very sharp mind. From the extreme stress of the last 2 years fighting in court over my children and other things – my memory is now just awful. I most likely have some PTSD and extreme stress etc. I have tried a few Neuro blends. My short term memory is awful and I have trouble with recall of my long term memories also. I can focus alright. My main issue is memory.

Thank you!

    David Tomen
    November 1, 2017

    Gail, that’s a tall order but entirely doable with the right stack (blend) of nootropic supplements. But it will take some trial and error and a lot of patience. Because each of us is different. Including your son, husband, friend and you. Each of these suggestions are general and you’ll see a lot of overlap too.

    For PTSD > https://nootropicsexpert.com/treating-post-hurricane-ptsd-with-nootropic-supplements/
    For Adult ADD > https://nootropicsexpert.com/best-nootropics-for-adhd-add/
    For memory > https://nootropicsexpert.com/best-nootropics-for-learning-and-memory/

    For bipolar disorder please use the search field at the top right of this page and search for “bipolar”. You’ll get 4 or 5 suggestions for nootropic supplements that have clinical trials for bipolar disorder with results from clinical research.

    But a strong word of caution. Each of the nootropic stacks suggested has links through to full reviews for each of those supplements. Every full supplement review has a section on “side effects” that warn about contraindications for combining that supplement with prescription meds. Some of these can be extremely dangerous. And you must heed the warnings. Because very bad things can happen. Including an early funeral if you’re not careful. Not kidding here.

    It took me several years before I finally found that sweet spot where I felt good again. In fact, better than I have in a long, long time. But it took a lot of experimenting. This website is what I’ve learned along the way. So good luck and we’re always open to questions and suggestions here.

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