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The Definitive Guide to Nootropics

A nootropic is a substance that enhances cognition and memory and facilitates learning.

Neuro-hacking and the research behind brain modulation, nootropics, and biohacking in general is a constantly evolving and improving science.

We cover all that in The Definitive Guide to Nootropics.

Nootropics Guide

The Big List of Nootropics

Nootropics cover a broad category of compounds with cognitive boosting properties.

They have minimal side-effects and are appropriate for long-term use.

The Big List is a quick reference guide for nootropics. Learn what it’s for, how it’s used, side effects, interactions and dosing suggestions.

Nootropics List

The Best Nootropics

Achieving brain optimization comes with a lot of trial and error. Experimenting to see what works best for you. But spend enough time in the nootropics community, and you begin to see patterns develop.

After you try the latest edition to the racetam-family of nootropics. Most biohackers settle into the nootropic that works best for each category of; cognition & focus, memory, energy & motivation, anxiety & depression, and brain repair & maintenance.

The “Best Nootropics” page is a distillation of what I have found to be the best nootropics for each category of brain optimization. You’ll find a list of the best nootropic compounds for each category. And links through to more detailed articles for each category.

Best Nootropics

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Where to Buy Nootropics

Wondering where to buy the best nootropic supplements? Well, you’re in the right place. Because here you will find the nootropic supplements that I personally use and recommend. Each supplement has a link to the company store and product that I use. I also include a link to my full review for each supplement here […]

The Definitive Guide to Nootropics

Nootropics can help increase your memory, boost learning ability, improve your mood and assist overall brain function. If you’re new to nootropics, or wonder about the difference between a nootropic and a smart drug, then this page is for you. Here you’ll find the definition of a nootropic, how to pronounce the word “nootropic”, the […]

The Most Comprehensive Nootropics List

This is our big list of the most popular Nootropics in use today. Here you’ll learn what each nootropic is, what it does and suggested dosages. What is this List of Nootropics About? Nootropic supplements are cognitive enhancers aiming to improve brain function. Whether you are looking to treat mild cognitive impairment, improve mental focus, or biohack […]

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Zainul Abidin Ismail
June 7, 2023

Hi David;

Which supplements would you recommend to take to avoid brain stroke.

May 16, 2023

Hi David, do you have any recommendations for companies that sell the nootropics by themselves? (Individual nootropics) I want to start creating my own stack little by little to see what works for me but hard to find a company that’s reputable with singles, also hard to find the starting dose on them as they are so high, like rhodiola for instance, everything I see is 500mg and the starting dose I’m looking for is 200 or 300 mg, how do i navigate that? Thanks for your help!

    David Tomen
    May 16, 2023

    Melissa, there are several major supplement manufacturers who sell supplements containing one ingredient. See this article on how to find the best supplements: https://nootropicsexpert.com/7-tips-for-choosing-the-highest-quality-nootropic-supplements/. And I highly recommend following the suggestions on that page closely. Including avoiding “other ingredients”.

    If you find a supplement you want to try and the dose is too high then open the capsule and dump half of it out for half a dose. But get capsules and avoid tinctures, GelCaps, etc. if you need to open it.

      May 17, 2023

      Thanks David, I have been watching your videos religiously on YouTube so I will check out this link. Hypothetically, if you were me, where would you buy those one ingredient Nootropics? Always trying to follow where the experts are buying from thank you for replying

        David Tomen
        May 26, 2023

        Melissa, if I were you I’d look at Amazon, iHerb, Swanson, NOW Supplements, Thorne, Double Wood Supplements, etc. Take your pick. Supplement companies often sell from their own website. But also have stores within the major online stores.

        MMelissa MelisMelis
        June 7, 2023

        Thank you so much David I really appreciate it, on I herb what do you think the best brand is? I just bought my Rosine and then I read somewhere where it caused panic attacks and I’m scared to take it now it’s just sitting in my cabinet it’s 500 mg so I’m thinking to dump half out and try half of it first, I’m just so scared for adverse side effects and I want to get over this hump because Jason five little kids around all day is not going to allow me to have any negative side effects lol

        David Tomen
        June 9, 2023

        Melissa, I’ve never heard of Rosine and I’ve been doing this for a very long time. What is it?

Richard Clark
May 15, 2023

With Methylene Blue, can your urine color indicate your level of absorption or tissue saturation? Can urine color be an indicator of a target dosage? I have been taking 75 drops, twice a day for many weeks. I’ve found at that dosage it is easier to count eye droppers full rather than counting out 75 drops.

    David Tomen
    May 16, 2023

    Richard, your urine will be blue no matter what the dosage of Methylene Blue. It is not a indicator of how much your body is using.

Steven Boardman
May 11, 2023

Hi David,

I’ve just started taking saffron and was wondering whether it had any interactions with alcohol or chamomile. Do you know?

Best wishes,

Chris Richardson
May 8, 2023

I referenced MDNA and misspoke. I meant MDMA. My bad.

Lenny B
May 5, 2023

Hi David, I have Noticed that Recently most if Not all online Nootropics Companies have not been Carrying Racetams, my regular Said they have discontinued Racetams. Do you have any idea why So many Nootropics Companies are no longer Carrying Racetams?

    David Tomen
    May 5, 2023

    Lenny, I answered your questions earlier in one of these threads.

May 4, 2023

I Read an article in a Magazine about Magnesium L’Threonate and how it helps with improving Neuroplasticity and I would like to know if it is any better or different from Uridine Monophosphate in this regard? my Second Question is about Ginko Biloba and Vinpocetine, I read that Both open blood vessels in the brain, is this Correct, and if so which is better?
my Final question is about different Nootropics Companies. my favorite company has discontinued the Racetams due to some difficulties in obtaining necessary components of these Nootropics. I looked at other Nootropics Companies and they don’t have Racetams either. do you have any idea as to what has happened to the Racetams and why they have Dissapeared?

    David Tomen
    May 5, 2023

    Lenny, magnesium increases BDNF needed for neurogenesis. See my full review on magnesium to see what else to does because it’s impressive. Most are deficient.

    I suggest you read my full review for each of the other supplements as well which you can easily find by scrolling through this list: https://nootropicsexpert.com/nootropics-list/

    The racetams are harder to get because of action taken by the FDA and the supply chain was disrupted by COVID and is only now starting to recover. But I managed to find suppliers for most of them which I include in the “where to buy” section for each full racetam review.

May 1, 2023

Will N-Phenylacetyl- l-prolylglycine ethyl ester (Noopept)cause a false positive for Ethyl Glucuronide (EtG) on a drug test? i have to take several drug tests and i can barely stay awake or less concentrate while in school. I was prescribe Armodafinil and that seem to work. But my doctor discontinue my Armodafinil so im trying to look for other alternatives. But my main concern was coming out for fasle positives for any nootropic. I just got lions mane, Alpha GPC, Bacopa, , Alpha Brain, Rhodiola. I have only tried each for a few days so far non can help with the tireness. I just got Noopept but after seeing the chemical compound im worried to even try it. Can Noopet or any of these cause a false positive? Thank you

    David Tomen
    May 2, 2023

    Alexandra, Noopept has no affect on blood tests as far as I know. It has never come up in all my years of doing this.

      May 7, 2023

      Hi Mr Tomen i didnt refresh the page. Ive kept your site open since monday as to not loose it ..lol so as soon as i send the second post i saw your response. Thank you so much.

        David Tomen
        May 8, 2023

        Not a problem Alexandra. I wish you the very best.

    May 7, 2023

    Hi Mr Tomen Please, if you can find an answer for the previous post id really appreciated If you can email me with the information. As im not being able to find an answer anywhere. I like Noopet no more crashing and needing redbulls. its been a week since i last post here, and i can feel a difference. I have read in multiple places it takes about two weeks to notice. i noticed by the 3rd day. i was calmer and my recollection of things is much faster. Wow i dont know why im just finding about nootropics. But its deft way better than prescribed medications with awful side effects. i started watching many of your Youtube videos. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.

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