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Where to Buy Nootropics

Wondering where to buy nootropics? Well, you’re in the right place. Because here you will find the nootropic supplements that I personally use and recommend. Each supplement has a link to the company store and product that I use. I also include a link to my full review for each supplement here on Nootropics Expert® […]

The Definitive Guide to Nootropics

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August 11, 2020

Hi David, What can you tell me about Monolaurin? It looks very interesting to me as it claims to help with inflamation. Is it a Nootropic?… if not should it be? I’m as always in a battle with inflamation and neuropathy. So far my best find has been Cats Claw. I stumbled upon monolaurin while reading about cats claw on a site and was wondering if they are related in any way and as always I value your opinion.


    David Tomen
    August 11, 2020

    Ron, I wouldn’t call it a nootropic. The lauric acid from coconut oil is converted into monolaurin but researchers are not sure how much coconut oil you’d need to ingest for a therapeutic amount. Apparently it had “profound antiviral and antibacterial activity”: https://www.liebertpub.com/doi/10.1089/act.2006.12.310

    Other nootropics with anti-inflammatory activity include: Oyster Mushrooms, DHA, Vinpocetine, Black Seed Oil, Kratom, and Berberine. There are a few others as well. Use the search function top right for “anti-inflammatory” to find the rest of them. Likely the closest in activity for your use is Black Seed Oil and Kratom.

Victor Marques
August 5, 2020

I was following a channel where the guy took 1g daily, took wellbutrin, plus adrafinil, a few more. I took bupropine for a few days, at a dose of 150 mg, even because I wanted to stop smoking, and trying to follow his protocol. After a few days I had toothache and had to come in with antibiotics and anti-inflammory, besides dipyrone. Then I had to abandon the bup and the phenibut, I started to feel my liver with fat, pancreas also gave signs, I interrupted, I finished taking the pro-tooth medicines, still taking care of the liver. I’m an alcoholic, I’ve had liver and pancreas problems before, but it’s been a while since I felt anything. My problem is depression, I took 25mg of desvenlafaxine every two days, social anxiety. The bup and the phenibut were making me more active, sociable, but also a little more agitated, I do not know if it is because I use the bupropion and not the wellbutrin xr. Anyway I’ve stopped nootropics and I’m using silymarin, boldo tea, propolis, and others for liver health. But already wondering if I can take phenibut, or what I can do for social anxiety that doesn’t harm the liver too much, I should start a job soon and needed to adjust until then. Thanks, I always follow the news here, great channel.

Translated with http://www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

    David Tomen
    August 6, 2020

    Victor, Bupropion is a norepinephrine-dopamine reuptake inhibitor (NDRI). Did it work for you? Because if it did you likely have a problem with dopamine and/or norepinephrine. If that’s true then try raising dopamine with L-Tyrosine. It shouldn’t cause liver problems if you stay with a lower recommended dose. Like 500 mg once or twice per day.

    And have you seen my latest post about anxiety? If L-Tyrosine doesn’t work this will give you some other ideas to try: https://nootropicsexpert.com/best-nootropics-for-anxiety/

August 3, 2020

Hi David,

Could you please recommend any safe and natural supplements for anhedonia (feeling of extreme boredom/apathy)? I have tried L-Tyrosine but it doesn’t help. For me, tyrosine seems to give a caffeine-like effect (makes me feel more awake), but nothing more than that. Choline doesn’t have any effect on me at all.

These are some of the supplements I’ve tried for my anhedonia:
Multi-vitamin, multi-mineral, vitamin D (high dose), fish oil (high EPA, high DHA, salmon oil, krill oil, cod liver oil, etc.), flaxseed oil, biotin, B-complex, probiotic, vitamin C, phenylalanine, SAMe, PS/CDP/GPC choline, methyl B12, methyl folate, DMG, DMAE, rhodiola, methionine, lion’s mane (oriveda, ND, host defence), NAC, milk thistle, vitamin E (broad spectrum), uridine (TAU, UMP, happy stack), St. John’s Wort, tryptophan, protein powders, melatonin, PSerine, DLPA, 5-HTP, L-Tyrosine, astaxanthin, lithium orotate, kelp, ALCAR, magnesium (citrate, oxide, glycinate), microzinc, vitamin K (MK-7), polygala tenuifolia.

As you can imagine, I’ve spent quite a lot of money on supplements, but surprisingly/unfortunately still nothing seems to help 🙁

I do know from rare experiences, that sometimes when I eat fish the previous day, I wake up the next day feeling pretty amazing. This has happened multiple times. I thought it might be omega 3, but I’ve tested lots of omega 3 supplements without any luck. I don’t go out in the sun very much, and almost never exercise, and do tend to be stressed out a lot, so I wonder if that might give you any clues as to what might be happening inside my brain?

I appreciate your help,

    August 3, 2020

    Oh, and I forgot to also mention, along with the anhedonia (most of the time) I also have very severe fatigue (physical and mental). Sometimes the anhedonia and fatigue is so bad that even breathing feels like a chore. If I have orgasms (especially multiple in one day), that almost always makes the anhedonia and fatigue much much worse, and lasts maybe a week. But either way, I always seem to feel pretty crap. As you can imagine, my motivation is pretty much zero. I feel like I have to force myself to do any work, which ends up feeling like torture, where every 5 minutes feels like 30 minutes.

      David Tomen
      August 3, 2020

      Alex, see my previous response. You don’t say your age. And don’t mention your testosterone levels. Which you likely don’t want to share here. But your symptoms could be a neurotransmitter imbalance (i.e. low dopamine), low hormones, nutrient deficiencies, mitochondrial dysfunction, or a leaky gut barrier.

      Those are options and most are covered on Nootropics Expert. Only other option I can suggest is a consultation with me: https://nootropicsexpert.com/personal-consultations/

    David Tomen
    August 3, 2020

    Alex, are you on my newsletter email list? Because I did a bit on anhedonia this year on July 07 I think it was. The only thing that’s been proven to help anhedonia is Ketamine. Which is a NMDA receptor antagonist.

    If you do a search of Nootropics Expert for “NMDA receptor antagonist” you’ll get L-Theanine, Huperzine-A, Lithium Orotate, and Cat’s Claw as verified NMDA receptor antagonists. Will they work as well as Ketamine? It’s unlikely but it’s a more affordable option.

    What dose of Vitamin D are you using? Because excess Vitamin D can have very negative consequences. A safe dose is 4000 IU per day. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests optimal Vitamin D status is achieved with a serum (blood) 25-hydroxyvitamin D concentration >75 nmol/L. So I suggest getting your levels checked.

    A clue is how you feel when you eat fish. And yet you’ve tried various Omega-3 supplement with little success. Please see my “Available Forms” section of https://nootropicsexpert.com/dha/ for good “Omega-3” options. I’ve only found 3 that are worth using.

July 15, 2020


My moms blood calcium level has raised to high. Im really worried. Shes now at 10.3. I had her on vitamin d3 supplementation 10,000 iu daily. But i stopped giveing her that because it enhances calcium absorbtion.
Im also thinking about putting her on magnesium to keep that excess calcium out her arteries. I also already have her on vitamin k2 mk7. Do you know of any nootropics or natural herbs that lower calcium in the blood. Or anything over the counter?

    David Tomen
    July 16, 2020

    Cy, have you checked for a parathyroid tumor? These tumors are benign but almost always cause hypercalcemia. This page is a good source for an explanation of what it is and how to easily get it checked: https://www.parathyroid.com/high-calcium.htm

      July 16, 2020

      I havent checked yet for that but im positive she dont have that. Im pretty sure its from the vitamin D. Is there anything you know of that lowers calcium in the blood?

        David Tomen
        July 18, 2020

        Cy, that was the predominant thing that came up in my research. There was nothing else other than someone supplementing with too much calcium.

    July 19, 2020

    I do have a question what supplements would you recommend for someone with adhd, severe anxiety, and memory problems? The problems I’m having is I’m a 2e student, but my disorder makes it extremely hard to show in a school setting because either I get to anxious and forget everything I learned, or I can’t pay attention, so most of my teachers can tell I’m very intelligent in person, but not on standardized tests which I usually have brain fog at the end, and which usually puts me at 10 points from being considered being above grade level. I take focalin, and prozac, but it doesn’t actually lower my symptoms enough to allow me to prove I’m gifted or to take standardized tests. I also take alpha gpc, citicoline, b complex, vitamin d, l-lysine, l-theanine, cherry extract, garlic, fish oil, but nothing seems to improve my memory, and anxiety enough. Is there any other things you would recommend to add that could really help with memory, stress, and adhd? It’s really hard to be gifted, but not being able to really prove it in school, it’s like people think your very intelligent, but I can’t really prove it in the forms of standardized tests and state tests because of my high anxiety, and which takes a hit on my memory. It also doesn’t help that I have adhd which makes everything even worse.

      David Tomen
      July 20, 2020

      Matt, my protocol for ADD and ADHD which I’ve used for the last 12 years. And is now used by thousands around the world should help you. You’ll find that regimen here: https://nootropicsexpert.com/best-nootropics-for-adhd-add/

      BTW, Prozac is likely doing you more harm than good. I suggest you do some research on its side effects and compare those to the symptoms you are experiencing.

July 10, 2020


What do you know about Oxaloacetate? I took it several years ago and it seemed to have a slight impact but not not enough justify continuing it, at that time.

Renos Kontos
July 9, 2020

Hi David. Your work help me change my life and many others. God bless you.
Can you please study about Glycine. It’s something that I love but you don’t have any thing about it.

    David Tomen
    July 9, 2020

    Renos, it’s on my list “to do”. But thanks for the reminder. 🙂

July 6, 2020

Hi, David, I like your channel. It is exciting. Please could you tell me why you don’t use ashwagandha in your supplements? Is Rhodiola Rosea better than ashwagandha?
Thank you.

    David Tomen
    July 6, 2020

    Francesca, I don’t use Ashwagandha because my body doesn’t like it. But I’m OK with Rhodiola Rosea.

    One is not “better” than the other. These are two very different nootropic supplements that work differently in your body and brain. And provide different benefits. Only you can figure out which one works best for you. And that’s by trying one and then the other. And see how you feel after each one.

    Don’t forget that these adaptogens can take weeks of daily dosing to get their full benefit. The purpose of trying them one at a time first is to see if you have a negative reaction. Or not.

June 23, 2020

David, I’m not doing too good this last 7 days or so. I had to take 2 naps yesterday and am trying not to take one right now. I can’t drink anymore caffeine today, it’s 2:20 pm, it would mess up my sleep cycle. As such, is there any supplements that you think would be worth taking more than your usually prescribed amount, that might pull me out of this? Over the next few days?
Here’s my current list (probably missing a few and too lazy to get dose amounts)
NADH subligual
Performance Lab (PL) Energy
PL multi
B complex
D with K2
Lugol’s idodine
Ascorbyl palmitate
magnesium (at night)
the extras like
niacin 500 – 1000 mgs (at night)
beef liver
gotu kola and more, don’t seem to affect me
I’m hoping I can mega dose something(s) just for 3 days, to get out of
this extra fatigue phase. I know you constantly remind us that more is not often better, but I hate being the walking dead my whole life.

BTW PL Stim doesn’t do anything for me, and I’m out of it.

    David Tomen
    June 24, 2020

    Darcy, if this is what you’re using and you’re still dealing with chronic fatigue there’s something else going on. I cannot provide any more guidance here without knowing more. And this comment thread is not the place to do it. Both for privacy sake and a disproportionate amount of my time while ignoring the rest of the community.

    I suggest you set up a time on my calendar if you’d like to work together and get to the bottom of this. It looks like it’s going to take some digging to find the cause. But it’s the only way I know of to get you back into the land of the living.:-)

      June 27, 2020

      Hi David. Just thought I’d mention for Darcy to consider sam-e if not already tried. I also suffer from fatigue and found that 1000mg once or twice a day really gave me a lift.

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