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Where to Buy Nootropics

Wondering where to buy nootropics? Well, you’re in the right place. Because here you will find the nootropic supplements that I personally use and recommend. Each supplement has a link to the company store and product that I use. I also include a link to my full review for each supplement here on Nootropics Expert® […]

The Definitive Guide to Nootropics

Nootropics can help increase your memory, boost learning ability, improve your mood and assist overall brain function. If you’re new to nootropics, or wonder about the difference between a nootropic and a smart drug, then this page is for you. Here you’ll find the definition of a nootropic, how to pronounce the word “nootropic”, the […]

The Most Comprehensive Nootropics List

This is our big list of the most popular Nootropics in use today. Here you’ll learn what each nootropic is, what it does and suggested dosages. What is this List of Nootropics About? Nootropic supplements are cognitive enhancers aiming to improve brain function. Whether you are looking to treat mild cognitive impairment, improve mental focus, or biohack […]

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November 9, 2020

Is it necessary to take breaks from turmeric, ashwagandha if take long term on a daily basis? I also take l theanine a few times a week w/caffeine.
Thank you

    David Tomen
    November 9, 2020

    Heidi, it is not necessary to “take breaks” when using any of these supplements as long as you are using recommended dosages. And long-term use at recommended dosages is OK too. As long as they work for you and do not produce any side effects.

November 8, 2020

Hi David, i saw your reaction about SSRIs. Is it really that harmful compare to derivates of amphetamines like ADHD meds? Recently i start taking 5mg of Escitalopram (cipralex) once or twice a week. I think subactively ofc it’s help me with mi ADHD because i am not soo much stres about everything. But i don’t want hurt my brain…

    David Tomen
    November 8, 2020

    Tarek, as far as I can tell from the clinical studies you need to use SSRIs long-term to really damage your brain. Because then you start messing with things like gene expression.

November 2, 2020

I have iih and currently taking diamox. Do you know if I can take these together? I know I should talk to my doctor, but truthfully I feel they don’t care. Just write a script and get me out of the office. I need to find a way to heal myself. I have extreme brain fog to the point I may have to stop driving. I will stop at red lights and within a few seconds get confused and forget what I’m doing and go through the red light. It terrifying! I don’t know if it’s because of iih or the diamox. I also have paplidima. If you know of any research please share. Thank you.

    David Tomen
    November 4, 2020

    Deanna, if you are referring to idiopathic intracranial hypertension according to Cedars Sinai some of the symptoms you are describing are the result of it. Not the drugs you are using to control it. This is a description of how Diamox works: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acetazolamide#: and nothing in there points to those symptoms.

    I am not aware of any supplement regimen that is used for treating intracranial hypertension either. I suggest you do some searches for foundations or associations devoted to this disease. Like https://ihrfoundation.org/hypertension/info/C35 and see if they have any suggestions.

Asif Aminur Rashid
November 1, 2020

Hello David,
I am suffering from major depression, chronic fatigue, and emotional/stress/binge eating disorder. I have decided to take Lion’s Mane, Ashwagandha, Rhodiola Rosea & Lithium Orotate. Do you suggest anything else? Also, is there any nootropic that can specifically help with my Binge eating / emotional eating disorder?

Thanks in advance.

    David Tomen
    November 4, 2020

    Asif, there is no specific nootropic supplement that can solve your issues. The problem is you do not know what is causing these problems. It could be one or more neurotransmitters out of balance, or a leaky gut or blood-brain barrier, it could be inflammation, any number of things.

    Have you read my article on depression? https://nootropicsexpert.com/best-nootropics-for-depression/. That should help you at least begin to understand the challenges your are experiencing. And if you don’t know the cause it could help you choose one or two nootropics from each category to use as a test. Until you find something that works.

    It looks like you are willing to experiment. Try the nootropics you have chosen and see if any of them help. Find out how that supplement works in your brain. And choose others that work in a similar way.

October 28, 2020

Hi Tom

I recently read the article on how fructose makes brain insulin resistant and also chokes it functionality.

I am a fitness enthusiast and a vegetarian too. So for my need of complete protein i mainly depend on Whey supplements which have either maltodextrin or sucralose as a substitute to sugar.

Can you share your thought on how maltodextrin and sucralose could affect the functioning of brain ?


    David Tomen
    October 28, 2020

    Avi, Maltodextrin increases blood sugar levels and insulin release, which can cause insulin resistance. And Maltodextrin may trigger or worsen gut microbiome imbalance including promoting ‘bad bacteria’.

    Your gut is connected to your brain. Do your gut harm and you are harming your brain.

    And sucralose seems hijack the hunger center in your brain. Causing you to think you’re not getting enough. So you eat more. And gain weight. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2892765/

      October 29, 2020

      Thanks for the quick response.

      Is there any way to counter the insulin thing with maltodextrin
      I do intake curd specifically to counter the negative impact on gut.

      Can you help me with any nootropics to help learning new skills such as learning a new concept with numbers and few skills in IT like

      Issues I face are lack of concentration, my mind always keeps talking to me even when I listen to something or even when engaged in any activity, moreover the drive to get things done also lacks. I dont have fear or anxiety. I dont have hard time understanding concepts but yes the drive to do things lacks most importantly.

      Please take a few mins on this as I very deeply need a help regarding this, it’s matter of my career.
      Will always be grateful.


        David Tomen
        October 29, 2020

        Avi, increasing learning and memory and different than increasing motivation. They are related and both involve dopamine. But they are two very different mechanisms in your brain.

        This is how to increase motivation: https://nootropicsexpert.com/hacking-motivation-with-nootropics/

        And this is how to increase concentration and memory: https://nootropicsexpert.com/how-to-improve-memory-and-concentration/. I have two premade nootropic stacks which include many of the nootropics detailed in this post near the end of the post which may help you. Either one should help you get started.

        October 30, 2020

        Thanks for your guidance and time.

        I would begin the stack on a regular basis and see the results.


October 20, 2020

Hi David – Thank for you all the information. I am just learning of nootropics and am hoping for beginner’s advice on where to start. I am prescribed Vyvanse 2x daily (40mg in the morning and 20mg in the afternoon). After reading your notes and the comments, I ordered L-Tyrosine (500mg capsules), Magnesium Glycinate (500 mg capsules), and Lion’s Mane. Should I start with one capsule of L-Tyrosine with each Vyvance capsule with Magnesium before sleep and hold of on Lion’s Mane? Thanks!

    David Tomen
    October 23, 2020

    Matt, 500 mg L-Tyrosine each time you dose Vyvanse. You can use Lion’s Mane twice a day as well. It doesn’t matter when. But I suggest using either a high quality Multi like the Performance Lab Multi for men (https://bit.ly/347dm5M) or a high quality B-Complex. Because some of the B-Vitamins are cofactors that work with L-Tyrosine to make dopamine.

    And magnesium is great before bed because it helps you sleep. But your body also uses it during the day. So regular use will keep your magnesium levels up and consistent.

      October 25, 2020

      Excellent. Thanks so much, David. Excellent resource and incredibly prompt response!

October 12, 2020

David, Please consider doing a video on supplements that increase blood flow to the brain. You’ve suggested to me, pine bark extract, but it turns out I’m allergic. It caused pain in my hands. I already take niacin, which is great, but I’m losing the battle, due to things I don’t want to get into here, and so I need more help in this area. I’ve tried ginkgo and ginger but I do not notice any effect. Thank you for all you do for us.

    David Tomen
    October 13, 2020

    Darcy, Pine Bark Extract and Vinpocetine are the most effective ways to increase blood flow in your brain. If you can’t use Pine Bark Extract and have trouble finding Vinpocetine, then you may need to use 2 or 3 other nootropics that have been shown to increase cerebral circulation. But used individually may not be enough for what you need.

    Do a search of Nootropics Expert using the search function above the top menu, and search for the keyword phrase in quotes “blood flow”. You’ll get several pages you’ll need to scroll through. But you will find others including Ginkgo Biloba, Gotu Kola, Pramiracetam, etc.

October 7, 2020

Hello David, great blog – I appreciate your time and sharing!

Histamine, too, presents as “fatigue” and “brain fog”. Antihistamines’ side effects often outweigh their remedial
ones. Diets low in histamine are of low effectiveness, thus a subject of many blogs.
Histamine produces symptoms that the nootropic field seeks to overturn.
Is there any instruction on how nootropics can handle histamine levels?

Thank you,

    David Tomen
    October 9, 2020

    Brain, the active components in medicinal nootropic mushrooms including beta-D-glucans, triterpenoids and ergosterol reduce histamine response.

    Anything that reduces acetylcholine action including antihistamines can result in brain fog.

    Black Seed Oil acts as an antihistamine. Saffron is a smooth muscle relaxant and helps lower blood pressure. Likely because of its inhibitory effect on histamine H1 receptors. Etc. etc.

    I suggest you use the search function above the menu top right and search for the keyword “histamine”. And you’ll get several pages addressing histamine from every angle imaginable.

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